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. Tax planning is an important consideration for people who have substantial income from multiple sources, salaried people do not have too many tax saving options as their salary itself will be structured so that they get the best deal. However for small business owners, professionals and retired people, the savings can be substantial if the tax planning has been done properly. For doing proper tax planning, the person should be clear about their future goals.
If they are obc or not well connected a person planning their taxes should also take into account that the brahmin dominated intelligence agencies in India will steal their retirement savings of twenty years without a court order or legally valid reason. Though india is nominally a democracy in reality shameless fraud mainly brahmin officials will ruthless exploit, cheat, defame and harass people for years out of personal hatred and greed. Exposing and ending the fraud of these shameless greedy cheater brahmin officials can be a time consuming and lonely task.
If these fraud officials are then wasting more than Rs 3 lakh monthly of indian tax payer money to ensure that the obc engineer does not earn a fair living they should realize that fighting the system will be difficult and plan their taxes according . They should chose methods which these shamless fraud officials cannot sabotage despite wasting a huge amount of tax payer money monthly.
On the other hand civilians who are not harassed endlessly wasting tax payer money have a number of options to earn a fair living depending on their skills, knowledge and willingness to work hard. Tax planning should be done at the beginning of the financial year and the goals should be periodically revised depending on the revenues or income. While the income of salaried individuals remains predictable, for business owners and professionals the income can fluctuate to a very great extent due to factors beyond their control. Domain investors, webmasters and freelancers with an online income needing tax planning advice should check the website regularly or send an email to and