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. Experienced Income Tax professional and consultant can help in efiling of income tax returns for small businesses like hotels, restaurants, transport business, hardware stores, poultry farm, printers, sand mining, taxi operator, bakeries, internet professionals, investors, consulting firms, professionals like doctors, lawyers and scientist . For efiling the following options are offered for account creation
1.Client can register directly at the income tax website
2. Client will activate the account with own email,mobile phone number. Password can be provided on request.
3. In case of clients who do not have a computer, internet access, and are not likely to require computers, internet in future, a provision has been made for creating email id and activating the account so that they can check the status of the account
4. In case the CA/tax professional handling the efiling of income tax is not providing the password for the account, resetting the password for the income tax efiling account.
5. Any other income tax efiling account related problems.

Kindly note that since data entry has to be done when paper returns of the income tax are filed, the Income tax department is not accepting paper IT returns in some wards in India. They are asking tax professionals to efile their clients returns, so tax professionals who are not internet or computer savvy, are forced to create efiling account for their client. Though India has some of the biggest IT companies in the world, a large section of the indian population does not know how to use computers or the internet and are not likely to use computers in future, so tax professionals will have to create an email id for them for efiling. At present handling the technical aspect of income tax efiling account for more than 30 clients. Free trial available for tax consultants, chartered accountants , trps

Information in paper format will be accepted, Suitable for small business owners keeping their financial records manually. The tax consultant will review the financial records of the small business owner, professional, salaried person or retired person and optimize the tax that will have to be paid, create an efiling account.
Rates are highly competitive
Free email id for all clients filing income tax returns
Can also provide tax advice to online publishers, freelancers and internet professionals receiving payment through Paypal, Skrill ( Moneybookers), Payza

Documents needed
PAN card xerox copy
Copy of last years income tax returns
Bank statement
TDS certificates
Savings certificate, deduction
Interest statement showing interest paid through out the year
Balance sheet, P&L account statement and other audit reports wherever applicable

All data will be kept confidential
Please contact on Phone number :0832 2223514 or email to

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